Become Guilty by Association in Network Marketing

Have you ever heard the saying, “birds of a feather flock together?” This means you are getting guilt by association. Why not be guilty of something good? In this article, I will talk more about who you should hang around to become “guilty” of the good.

People with a Positive Attitude

When you get around people that are positive about even the worst situations, you begin to develop that skill. You are going to notice that instead of being worried and feeling down all of the time, that you start seeing things in a positive light. This will increase your quality of life.

People That Are Generating the Money You Want to Generate

You may have also heard that your income is going to be the sum of the five people closest to you. This means if you want to make big money, you need to make friends that are making big money. If you want to make friends like this, you need to work on your attitude, language and more. People that are successful will not hang out with people that are negative, having a bad attitude and gossiping.

People That Have the Relationship Quality You Desire

When you pay attention to people, you shouldn’t look only at their money. You also need to see what their relationships are right. If they have made a lot of money but they are divorced and their kids don’t talk to them, this might not be the best person to pay attention to and model in your life.


No matter who you hang out with, you are going to become guilty by association so make sure that you are becoming guilty in the right areas. This means you are going to have a better quality of life.

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